How deep do you dig your holes?

This depends on your job; it ranges from 1 – 2 meters. The average depth we dig is approximately 1200mm deep, with a 450mm diameter hole.

What about hitting services when digging holes?

Any doubt about hitting services and we will dig those holes by hand. We have a very high percentage of missing services when digging by hand.

Why are the posts on a lean?

They are on a lean and facing towards to where the sail is pulling from. Have you ever hit home a tent peg? hammering a tent peg in on the angle is based on the same principle as putting in a shade sail post in. The force on a sunshade is not up and down, it is commonly sideways, so the construction/engineering is based around that understanding. Leaning the post provides more concrete at the top of the post and more at the bottom increasing strength/power to the areas that matter most.

My husband and I can’t decide on white or black sails, what would you suggest?

Black sails hide the dirt and don’t fade, white sails show the dirt dust and mould. In fact, the darker the colour the better the sail is for hiding dirt, dust and mould.

Will a Sun Shade make my place darker?

In essence no, but this largely depends on the fabric and orientation of the sail.

Will the Sun Sail Shade kill my grass?

From my experience it works the other way in South East Queensland, it prevents the grass from the punishing summer sun and allows it to grow well.

What shade sail do you design an install the most?

We often design and install the hyperbolic or hyper sail for short. The hyper sail commonly has 4 points in total. The hyper sails have two diagonally high and two diagonally low points. The hyper sail performs well in high winds and looks attractive. Hyper sails perform well in high winds and storms.